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Brotherhood and Glory: Earn the Absolution for FREE! | World of You can get it right now with Premium time, XP and Crew XP Boosts in a selection of awesome new bundles, or you can earn the tank (and loads of other cool rewards) for free through the epic Brotherhood and Glory event! Happy Birthday, World of Tanks! | Special Offers | World of Let's celebrate our 8th Anniversary in Europe with a big special! Free Gold - World of Tanks Collection The prizes are as follows: 1x T-127 premium tank, garage slot , 300 gold and 3 days of free premium 1 x 2500 gold 5 x […]

Get started with this free bundle packed with everything you need to take the battlefield by storm in World of Tanks: Mercenaries! Bundle includes: • German Tier III Pz.Kpfw. T 15 Light Tank: this awesome Premium vehicle strikes with speed and accuracy! • 100% Trained Crew: you're ready to play at maximum potential with a true pro at the helm of your tank! • 1 Garage Slot: to keep your ...

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free garage slot. Gift tank for Christmas: T-twenty-nine. We will get gift from WarGaming for xmass. Gift tank for Christmas is T-twenty-nine. We all know so much about this tank.

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Free Garage Slot? - Gameplay - World of Tanks official forum Free Garage Slot? - posted in Gameplay: OK I have not long woken up and switched WoT on only to see an empty garage slot OH goody thinks I, they have taken that POS Karl but left the slot.....NO Karl is still making my garage look weird. So I count my tanks to see if I havent done anything stupid.....NO all present and accounted for, although Bert is not looking too good and being cheeky as ... World of Tanks PC - Free Garage Slot - Focus Fridays Free tank for some, free garage slot for others! Twitter: Facebook: Let's Battle!

1- you won't have much fun with more tanks you can't equip because of a lack of spare parts. 2- you may find yourself selling tanks you have aced and don't feel like wrestling with anymore because of lack of spare parts. 3- every time you get a free tank from a container and you don't want it, or already have it, you will gain a free garage slot

Free tank for some, free garage slot for others! Twitter: Facebook: Let's Battle! Garage Slots : WorldofTanks - reddit Occasionally they'll sell packs of 10 in the store + some gold for pretty cheap, and anytime you obtain a "free" tank (e.g. mission or other giveaway) it comes with a garage slot. There were also a few times when wg didn't think through the process of giving away a tank during christmas and people sold the tank, filled the slot with something else, then logged in to get the tank back + additional garage slot. Abundant garage slots - General Discussion - Official ... Abundant garage slots - posted in General Discussion: WG, why can’t you make packages that don’t come with a garage slot? It may sound crazy to some people, but the personal offer thats in the store now for the “Fortress Ferdinand” for 6,000 gold, of course comes with a garage slot, as does basically every last thing you sell. Well id like to buy it, but im going to pass on it just ... WoT 7th birthday Free Gift Garage Slot Filler « Status Report

Discount on garage slots?!?!?!?!?!? - World of Tanks Blitz ... No garage slots foe me - not buying anything no time soon - tanks ain't worth getting anymore can't equip them - and I had 240 tanks that was robbed blind XXX_Corps, on 12 May 2017 - 06:13 AM, said: Wg is out of touch with the reality of the game it has created.